Appliance Demanufacturers

Professional Appliance Demanufacturers

Appliance Demanufacturing You Can Rely On

When you're ready to get rid of your old appliance, remember that Iowa law requires it to be demanufactured. Bring it to Bell Salvage to remove hazardous materials, refrigerants, mercy containing devices, PCB capacitors, and more.

Certified Appliance Demanufacturing

When you want to recycle your metal appliance, bring it to us. Our DNR-certified demanufacturers will remove the hazardous components and dispose of them in a way that's environmentally safe prior to recycling.

Reliable Scrap Metal Services

Don't just throw away your appliance that contains refrigerant. That is against Iowa law.
Instead, play it safe by bringing it to the knowledgeable appliance demanufacturers at Bell Salvage to ensure that the refrigerant is properly removed according to EPA standards. Have questions? Get in touch today.
Appliance Demanufacturers
Appliance Demanufacturers
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